When it comes to communication & collaboration, retail traders use Echofin.

Echofin is for traders as Discord is to gamers, Slack to developers etc.Traders can create their own team chatrooms, enhanced with useful financial widgets from a widget marketplace (like FX Calendar, news flash, Price tickers, Real-time talking twitter feed, etc) and communicate with their fellow traders.

Moreover, users in Echofin can integrate their MT4 web trader within the chatroom interface, as well as other third-party integrations, such as StockTwits, GDAX ticker and almost any other website/tool they like. What’s more, team owners can video stream or screencast in Full HD with Echofin’s super fast, low-latency video streaming solution. Premium access content such as signals, can be provided in pay-to-access rooms.

Echofin is ideal for: Individual traders and trading communities who wish to keep in sync and get well organized, financial educators who wish to monetize their followers by creating pay-to-access chatrooms to share their market insights or hosts webinars. Team owners, gurus and market leaders who wish to create a community to share their trade ideas and follow the markets from a virtual trading floor

Echofin comes in web, desktop and mobile versions to make your communication and thus, your trading experience easier.

Kris Leonidou,  Founder/VP of Product @ Echofin

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